Sunday, June 03, 2007

No money for temporary library

The local library at 168 Street is slated to be closed "temporarily" for two years for renovations. The announcement came only two weeks ago and there have been little provisions to accomodate the needs of the community. A temporary library with the same hours, space and services would have been a good solution.

From an article in today's Times (click the title above to read the full article):

“If you go there after 2, you find it filled with children until they close at 6,” said Anita Antonetti, a high school counselor and former community board member who has been involved in efforts to temporarily relocate some library services. “It’s a lot more than the books.”

“We see that there’s money for things like the new stadium,” she said, referring to the new billion-dollar Yankee Stadium under construction nearby. “But there’s not much money for people in the community.”

Do you think the "Community Benefits Agreement" written by the Yankees and Adolfo Carrion addresses this issue or any other substantive issue? Not on your life!


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