Friday, April 06, 2007

Fewer Fans, More Parking at New Yankee Park

Click the title above to read the excellent coverage by The Real Estate of the Yankee Stadium parking controversy.

We would like to point out that according to the the Yankee Stadium Environmental Impact Statement the garages surrounding the stadium were never filled to capacity, even during the playoffs. Now, with a stadium that seats fewer fans there is even less of a need to build these parking facilities.

This is from the post at The Real Estate:

"So why are the Yankees and the city--which included the new garages in the agreement for the new stadium--insisting on new garages, especially when the city will have to temporarily occupy current parkland in order to do so?

"Convenience. The new garages will be right across the street from the new ballpark, while the old ones are farther away. It's apparently worth $25 for the ticket-holder, and $22 million for the city, to not have to walk three or four blocks after a game."

That's right, folks! Your tax dollars at work!


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous bceqpres said...

Hello Joyce Hogi et al - On Friday, I had lunch with co-chair Mark Stern in Dobbs Ferry. They have clever restrictions on some of the parking meters in congested areas.
(1) I parked in a metered space reserved for Handicapped with a prominent warning of $100 fine (2) Mark parked in a spot reserved for residents, where he inserted a card that kept a record of how much was left in his account. Another advantage of that was he only paid for minutes used, as he swiped the card again when leaving.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

Every city can come up with accomodations for its residents except NYC. So many smart people here who make such bad decisions. Go figure!


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