Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"A hit and an error" Daily Freeman 5/29/7

While neighborhood residents are enthusiastic about the construction of a new MetroNorth station at Yankee Stadium, keep in mind we are also financing garages for thousands of cars in addition to the station. Your tax dollars at work!

This comes from the "Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves" Department:

"Now, there is a $91 million plan to build a train station. And the Yankees, who famously paid $40 million for a mediocre pitcher named Carl Pavano, will not pay a penny of it. Nope, not one penny. Instead, taxpayers will cough up the loot through the MTA and New York City.

"Meanwhile, politicians in Albany have been wrestling with how to comply with a court order to properly fund New York City schools.

"In historical context, if you will, it all puts into pretty good focus both the inertness and priorities of modern government and the lack of commitment of the Yankees to the fundamentals of their fan base.

"Finally, it is interesting that the new commitment of government to provide mass transit to professional baseball comes as ticket prices surge into the stratosphere. In other words, government is now using tax money to pay for mass transit to accommodate people who have no problem with paying, oh, $250 to buy lousy seats for a family of four to see the Bombers play the hapless Kansas City Royals.

"And what will ticket prices be when the Yankees take occupancy of the new stadium in 2009?

"So, at last you'll be able to get there from here. But won't it be the ultimate irony if, after all of those years of inconvenience when you could have afforded a game, you now won't have the dough to take the last few steps through a turnstile? Instead, the government will have used your tax money to make it more convenient for those who do have the money.

"All aboard?"

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