Monday, May 21, 2007

"Yankee stadium station gets Metro-North nod" Crain's 5/21/7

"Plans to build a new Metro-North station at the new Yankee stadium crossed the final hurdle after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Metro-North Railroad committee inked a definitive deal with the city.

"Under the agreement, the MTA will foot $52 million of the $91 million project. The city will contribute the remaining $39 million for the new station, which is expected to handle up to 10,000 people during Yankee home games."

Click the title above to read the entire article at Crain's. Under the circumstances it is increasingly less clear why those garages should be built. If you can think of one valid reason NYC taxpayers should subsidize parking for out-of-town ball fans, by all means leave it in the comments!


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