Thursday, November 03, 2005

DEIS: Parkland concerns; Tennis courts


Draft EIS states:

New public tennis facilities would cover the entire garage roof. However, the tennis facilities would appear to be only one level above the street along Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach. Pedestrian access for Garage C would be provided to the new roof-top recreational facilities, adjacent to the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach intersection with East 161st Street.

It is expected that the roof level of the garage containing the tennis courts would project above the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach by approximately 11 feet.


The fact that the tennis courts would be 11 feet above the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach means that they will be much higher along Jerome Avenue and 161 st Streets – the likely points of access. Instead of seeing tennis courts, everyone will just see the blank façade of a parking structure – four stories high. Access to the tennis courts will need to be via stairs or an elevator.


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