Thursday, November 03, 2005

DEIS: Parland concerns; NYPD use of parks


Draft EIS states:

Building Security
The stadium would provide space for staging New York City Police, and a building command center.

As under current conditions, under certain operational and security conditions, some of the existing or replacement recreational facilities located near the proposed stadium could be used by the NYPD to meet operational needs during the baseball season and could be closed to public use.


A current issue for the community is the use of the parks by the NYPD for staging areas during ballgames. During these times, the NYPD takes over the park and residents are unable to use them.

Despite space in the new stadium for a new police staging area and command center, the DEIS admits that there is no guarantee that the NYPD will stop using the parks for staging. Under the future condition with the project, the community should expect the NYPD takeover of parks to continue. The community has already expressed that this is not an optimal solution.


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