Thursday, November 03, 2005

DEIS: Parkland concerns; Impacts of park replacement


Draft EIS states:

As a result of the proposed project there would be no change in the types of uses located in the project area; however the locations of the various uses would be reconfigured and there wouldbe a net increase in both parkland and parking facilities in the area.

The proposed project would also have a positive effect on the character of the area. The proposed project would provide a net increase in the area’s open space, and replace older, and in some cases worn, recreational facilities, with new, modern facilities. It would also create new access to the waterfront beyond what would have been provided in the future without the proposed project.

Pedestrian access between Jerome Avenue and River Avenue would no longer be available on East 162nd Street. Informal pedestrian access between the two avenues across Macomb’s Dam Park would also be eliminated.


The proposed park changes would not “have a positive effect on the character of the area” in that it would be taking away a continuous swath of ground-level parkland and replacing it with disjointed, unconnected parkland located at various elevations above ground on the roofs of parking structures. This would likely cause a decline in the character of the area, despite the fact that a few extra acres of “parkland” would be added. Simply the fact that “informal pedestrian access” between two streets would be eliminated due to the new large stadium structure indicates a flaw in the proposed park plan since this type of access cannot be created.

The new waterfront access would have been built anyway without the proposed project - and would not simply be an “esplanade” surrounding an expanded parking lot.


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