Thursday, November 03, 2005

DEIS: Parkland concerns; Track and soccer field


Draft EIS states:

These facilities would be built atop a new subterranean garage (Parking Garage A) but would be accessible at street level along Ruppert Place. In total, they would comprise7.33 acres.

These would be developed on the roof of Parking Garage A, a two-story garage, which would be built primarily beneath the portion of the site west of Ruppert Plaza and set back approximately 12 feet from the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach (see Figures 7-27 and 7-28). The roof of the garage would be at the level of the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach.


The description of this facility is misleading. The garage will have portions that are underground – however, the top of the garage will be the same level as the Macomb’s Dam Bridge Approach, which is higher in elevation that the other streets surrounding the garage. Therefore, that means that the rest of the garage will be partially above ground – particularly where the community will want to access it (nobody lives on the bridge approach – it is the approach of a bridge). The applicant should be more forthcoming about this. The community is still getting a grade-separated facility – on top of a parking garage, above the street.


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