Friday, October 14, 2005

CB4 Economic Development Committee meeting of October 13

Field of Schemes has a good reportage of last night's Community Board 4 Economic Development Committee meeting, titled "NYC: Steinbrenner needs bathroom break".


"At a meeting called by Bronx Community Board 4's economic development committee, NYC Economic Development Corporation vice-president Hardy Adasko and parks department project manager Paul Ersboll were peppered by outraged questions from local residents, replying with responses that ranged from the opaque to the bizarre:

"Asked what the city would be gaining for its $200-300 million expense, Adasko said, "the city considers the whole deal a major net benefit - I don't have the numbers";

"On why the city can't spend its own money to refurbish Bronx parkland without the Yankees project, he called the stadium "an inducement for the city to reinvest in parks";

"And on why the Yankees can't stay at a refurbished Yankee Stadium, Adasko insisted it would be impossible to provide "an adequate number of ladies' rooms," drawing a burst of incredulous laughter from the (mostly female) crowd."

Click the title above to read the whole thing for yourself.


At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this what we have to put up with? Stupid incompetent bureaucrats and spineless corrupt politicans. No wonder they ain't prepared.


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