Sunday, October 02, 2005

How Smart Parks Investment Pays its Way

“How Smart Parks Investment Pays its Way” is the title of report of a study commissioned by “New Yorkers for Parks” conducted by Ernst & Young.

Conclusion: “Every New Yorker knows how important parks are to our quality-of-life. They are our front yards and backyards, giving us opportunities for recreation and relaxation, providing positive and educational activities for our children, and contributing to the health of our communities…”

Strategic investment in parks can yield significant returns – financially to the City and investors, and qualitatively to neighboring residents. Success relies on:
* A long-term, strategic vision
* Effective, on-going management
* Significant community involvement
* The willingness & readiness of the community
* Local partners and advocates

New Yorkers are confronted with too many neighborhood parks with broken drinking fountains, closed bathrooms, and dirt or cracked asphalt ball fields rather than green fields.

“Parks are not, as many politicians believe, a frill. They are the city’s lungs, essential components of its health and quality of life - cleaning the air, breaking the heat, breathing life into a neighborhood.” … New York Times, 2001

“Our elected and appointed leaders must recognize Parks as a vital city service and commit adequate resources to protect and enhance all parks.” – New Yorkers for Parks

Editor: So why do the city and the Yankees propose to destroy around 22 acres of tree lined parks by replacing them with a new stadium for a private organization?


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A thought comes to mind. Our oficials were elected and given our "power of attorney" to vote our best interests. They seemed to have gotten that all "muddled up" and voted their best interests instead. We know that Steinbrenner stands to benefit. Now who else benefits? Not the community!


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