Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How do you like the plans to renovate the Grand Concourse?

I like them, too, especially if there really IS a bike lane included, which I haven't actually seen in the drawings.

But did you know that there will be NO construction on the Concourse or the plaza on the days the Yankees host games in the Bronx? Too much of an inconvenience for those who drive in. So the eighty or so days that the Yankees are home, no construction. What does that do to extend the pain for the community?

The reconstruction of the Concourse will be a long, noisy, dusty process, but it will be worth it for sure. Kind of like going to the dentist.

Would you sit in the dentist's chair any longer than you had to?

Would you sit in it if the dentist couldn't work? Would you stay there strapped in while the dentist went home for the weekend?

Of course not. But waiting the days that the Yankees play ball so the construction could resume would be just like waiting for the dentist to come back from lunch (or vacation!) to finish the job.

And what about the expense? Don't you think the contractors are pricing the fact that they will have enforced days off into their bids?

All so Steinbrenner won't have to play ball at Shea for the time it takes to build/renovate a stadium.


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