Thursday, September 08, 2005

A message from a CB4 member

A message from a Community Board 4 member about the Wednesday, September 7th CB4 Municipal Service & Land Use Committee meeting:

"I know that the vote at the joint meeting of the Housing & Land Use and Municipal Services Committees was confusing. It was confusing to me, too. However, this vote is only the recommendations of the committees. The important vote will be at the general meeting (which is next Wednesday, September 14th--ed.) because that is the actual vote on the ULURP application. I was not able to ask questions during the vote last night because I am not a member of either committee. However, you can be sure that I will ask at the general meeting. This ULURP, by being rushed for approval, is sloppy as well as inaccurate; and many, many issues that will adversely effect this community have not been adequately addressed. The amendments are important in the final vote because they will have to be addressed by the Borough President and the City Council.

"This experience is also a good rehearsal for the Yankee ULURP which will be 100 times more difficult. What is important to remember is that CB4 is the representative of the community. That is why we must have as much community participation as possible at all of the meetings.

"I hope to see everyone at the CB4 General Meeting on Wednesday, September 14, 2005."

-- Anita Antonetty

Well, you heard her! She says she needs us at the CB4 General Meeting to give her your support, and I say she oughta have it!

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