Sunday, August 28, 2005

NY1 reports on yesterday's rally

NY1 in its report on yesterday's rally says

"City Councilmember Maria Del Carmen Arroyo says the construction is long overdue and will mean thousands of jobs – but many residents say they're nervous about a possible onslaught of traffic."

Construction long overdue? How is that? Does she mean that it has been a while since there was a new building constructed in the area? What about the new courthouse? And should we build simply to build? And pave our parks in the process?

And let's be clear: these are construction jobs that will disappear after the stadium is built. Then we will have the same jobs that we already have at the present stadium, except we will probably lose the jobs held by the independent souvenir shops on River Avenue.

But Geneva Causey had a good point:

"I don't want Yankee Stadium's four lanes of traffic (visible) from my bedroom," said resident Jeanine Causey. "I don't want all the traffic on the avenue, I don't want a garage on the same block where I live. If you build a garage there will be more traffic, more people. It's terrible as it is."


At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea: the Yankees should leave the Bronx. Then they won't be called the Bronx Bombers, anymore. They'll be the Connecticut/Newark/Meadowlands/Poughkeepsie/Albany/Schenectady Bombers. And there will be no more traffic choking up the streets! No more children being threatened by drunken fans. No more worries for elitist types who hate the idea of activity in a neighborhood. Oh, wait! You're already living in a city, a place where there are people, cars, trains, buses, buildings and shops. Hey! If you're so concerned about peace and quiet, move!


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