Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Threats fly at Yankees hearing" MetroNY 03/29/06

Threats fly at Yankees hearing

by patrick arden / metro new york

MAR 29, 2006

CITY HALL — The biggest surprise at yesterday’s hearing on the new Yankee Stadium plan happened in the hallway outside the City Council chambers, when a red-faced Randy Levine played his trump card before the last hand is over.

After detailing the jobs and benefits that come with a new ballpark, the team president threw up his hands, saying, “If this isn’t good enough, then I think it sends a signal that we’re just not going to build in New York City anymore.”

That came after Levine showed Council members a video detailing how “the Yankees have long been synonymous with the Bronx and its people.”

“This is what this project is about: the Yankees and the Bronx,” Levine said.

“I personally am insulted by the video,” said City Council member Helen Foster, who represents the neighborhood and opposes the plan to build on 22 acres of parkland. “Up until this point, the Yankees organization has not been good neighbors. Why now should we in the community say, ‘OK, we’re going to trust you’? It’s a little disingenuous given that you’re doing this in return for something.”

The standing-room-only meeting of the land-use subcommittee ad-journed without a vote. Members will reconvene on April 5, just before the full Council is supposed to vote on the stadium plan.


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