Monday, March 27, 2006

Map of Yankee Stadium plan

Click the title to see an amazing mapped image of the Yankee plan courtesy of onNYTurf. The map is quite complex, and gives a profound understanding of what the plan means for the community, but let's let the amazing onNYTurf explain (you will find a more complete explanation at the actual onNYTurf site. Go to

The Yankee proposal is a complex plan, with a lot of details. Details which the NYC media and city council thus far have given the Yankees a free pass on (for the most part - no, I know not you Gotham Gazette). Accordingly this google map is quite complex, and so I ask your patience to learn how the map works so that you can understand the Yankee proposal and its potential implications.

The map is really five maps in one. Each map shows different information. Each can be accessed by clicking their respective buttons in the upper right corner of the map. The five maps are:

The Before map shows the current configuration of park land and Yankee stadium operations

The After map shows the swap of property the Yankees are proposing.

This is a rendering from the Yankees.

This highlights both the park topped parking garages as well as another new garage that would go in the middle of the large park.

Part of the proposal places new parks on the waterfront. The Routes map in association with a number of small red markers show the possible ways to reach this area. Reaching this area is extremely difficult, and it is a very long distance from the residential community.



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