Friday, March 24, 2006

It's a fact - Yankee Stadium would be TORN DOWN in it's entirety!

Charles Gargano, the commissioner for the state-run Empire State Development Corporation was on WFAN with Mike and the Mad Dog on March 23, 2006.

Mike spoke about Yankee Stadium as hallowed ground and asked the commissioner if it has been confirmed that Yankee Stadium was going to be preserved in some way such as a museum and not built over.

The commissioner responded "As I understand it, it is owned by the City of New York and I cannot speak for the City but this is the direction they are going in and that they want to preserve that ground and I'm sure they will."

Happy to hear that the Empire State Development Corporation has a commissioner who knows the facts of the New Yankee Stadium Plans. Does the ESDC board of directors voting on these projects know the facts?

As for Mike and the Mad Dog, they sit at a computer with online access, have the 4 major New York Newspapers on their desks and somehow they still don't seem to know all the facts of this plan.

Most importantly, thousands and thousands of listeners are being misled by these individuals who should be passing alongthe true facts of this plan. That's why the vast majority of the public is unaware that historic Yankee Stadium will be torn down in it's entirety.

Great job guys!

Listen to to conversation at Mike and the Mad Dog:


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