Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"City Council Committee Weighs New Yankee Stadium Plan" on NY1, 3/28/6

City Council Committee Weighs New Yankee Stadium Plan

March 28, 2006

The battle over the proposed new Yankee stadium was waged both inside and outside City Hall Tuesday.

Inside, the City Council Land Use committee held hearings on the plan, while outside both supporters and opponents rallied.

Those in favor of the stadium say it will bring much needed jobs to the Bronx.

"We understand that any time things are being built it always has a plight of disarray for a little bit, but in time when it is all finished and done we believe in building it and putting the people to work," said a supporter.

The Yankees have committed $800 million to the project with the city and state picking up infrastructure costs.

Plans call for the stadium to be built in Macombs Dam Park with work beginning later this year.

But community groups say the baseball park will be built too close to homes. They also argue a plan to replace park space lost by the new stadium is inadequate.

"Our park land our community must not be allowed to be destroyed because the wealthiest sports team in the country won't make as much money if they play elsewhere for three seasons,” said an opponent. “The current Yankee Stadium plan is beyond absurd."


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