Monday, February 27, 2006

Save Our Parks’ Position Paper

Save Our Parks is broadcasting our Position Papers. Over the next few days we will concisely reveal details on these 7 positions.

Save Our Parks Stands for Responsible Community Development

1. Restoration of A Role for the Community & Reaffirmation of Rights

2. Stadium Development Oriented Around Mass Transit
(a) Community favors development to the south and west of the present stadium location.

(b) Eliminate Parking Garages/Reduce Traffic Congestion

(c) Model of Mass Transit:

(1) Metro North Station
(2) Rehabilitation of Melrose Station
(3) 8th Avenue Express to the Bronx
(4) Extension of the #3 Line
(5) Congestion Pricing
(6) Ferries

3. Community Parks Belong to the People - Return of Macomb’s Dam and John Mullaly Parks to the Community.

(a) We Already Have a Central Park! Why Build a New One?

(b) Synthetic parks - unneeded waste of money-Invest in Bronx parks/transit.

4. The Yankee Stadium Project and External Security Needs

5. Stadiums Do Not Create An Economic Boom

6. Why the Yankees Won’t Move

7. Asthma is Suffocating the South Bronx


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