Saturday, February 25, 2006

Signs that the Yankees fear

Recently the Yankees were so terrified by these signs on most of the windows along Jerome Avenue that would be affected if ever a stadium is built on the park across the street, that the Yankees passed out slick brochures titled "Yankee Stadium Plan: What does it mean for our Bronx Neighborhood?" (See Feb 23 Metro NY article which we posted yesterday on this blog.) No surprise it was packed with lies.

The correct answer is that the area would be blighted by a 14-story mega-stadium smack in the middle of an historic Art Deco neighborhood accompanied by its intense noise, bright lights, pollution and traffic. The four extra garages built with state and city taxpayer money would attract an extra 5,000 vehicles thereby worsening the air quality and injuring the health of fans and residents, especially on summer "ozone alert days." The larger stadium footprint that would destroy the 400 mature trees on our centralized Macombs and Mullaly Park would be an inviting terrorist target and further strain our police resources. So-called replacement parks scheduled to be built 5 years later, away from our community and scattered on top of the garages would be closed to the public during home games for "security reasons." The total taxpayer cost so far exceeds $481 million. Fans get fewer seats and pay more.


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