Friday, February 24, 2006

"Bronx cheer for Arroyo" in Metro NY on Feb 24

Bronx cheer for Arroyo

by patrick arden / metro new york

FEB 24, 2006

SOUTH BRONX — Teenage boys were handing out slick brochures at the apartment buildings along Jerome Avenue yesterday afternoon.

“They were paid to knock on our doors,” said Linda Florence, who’s lived near 164th Street for 29 years. “They wanted to know if we were for or against the new Yankee Stadium. I told them I was against it, and they handed me this.”

She waved the flyer, which said, “Yankee Stadium Plan: What does it mean for our Bronx neighborhood?” Inside was a list of “frequently asked questions,” in English and in Spanish. On the back it said, “Paid for by the New York Yankees.”

That evening Florence attended a protest held by the community group Save Our Parks in front of a McDonald’s opposite the current Yankee Stadium.

After the demonstration, the protesters reconvened at a senior center on Gerard Avenue. Officials from the 98-year-old citywide advocacy organization New Yorkers for Parks had asked to speak.

“I’ve seen the outstanding work you’ve already done,” said Christian DiPalermo, executive director of New Yorkers for Parks. “I see you’re sending letters, calls — excellent. That’s exactly what you have to do now that the battle is turning to the City Council.

“Everyone we’re talking to is looking for leads from the Bronx delegation, and where they’re looking specifically is Council member [Maria del Carmen] Arroyo.

“You guys have definitely been heard by [Bronx Councilwoman Helen] Foster. But Arroyo has to hear more. Speaker [Christine] Quinn is going to meet with her and Foster, and say, ‘What’s going on?’ We’re telling you, everybody’s going to look to your Council member, and you are the community.

“Let’s try to meet her everywhere. If she says, ‘I put money for health care here,’ say, great, then why are you knocking down 400 mature trees, which is going to add to the asthma? Why are you putting 75 percent more parking? You guys know the facts — you need to put the pressure on.”

DiPalermo said his group was looking for a lawyer to represent residents pro bono.

“But I would also like to emphasize that the political battle is not over.”

Someone in the back of the room suggested inviting Arroyo to a meeting.

“I think inviting Arroyo and others is great,” DiPalermo said. “But I wouldn’t wait — you’re the community group. She goes out, she has a public calendar, wherever she’s going she should always be asked, ‘What about the Yankees?’”


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Just a quick question....

If the plans for the new Stadium are approved by the City Council, Can legal action be sought to try and stop the plan?

By the way...Great blog...I check the site daily...

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Save Our Parks! said...

Glad you like the blog...and hope it encourages you to get involved!

Legal action is an option. We need money for a lawyer and your contribution is tax deductable!


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