Thursday, January 12, 2006

01/12/06, Metro New York: ¨Sides clash on proposed Yankee Stadium project¨

Sides clash on proposed Yankee Stadium project
by patrick arden / metro new york
JAN 12, 2006

LOWER MANHATTAN — The proposal for a new Yankee Stadium brought hundreds of Bronx residents to a raucous meeting of the city’s planning commission Wednesday.

Iron worker Tyler McComber, left, and Bronx store owner Pasquale Canale each express opposing views about the proposed Yankees stadium project in th Bronx during a demonstration in front of the City Planning Comission Office in Lower manhattan.

Six months ago, the Yankees were praised for the plan to build an $800 million, 53,000-seat ballpark with limited government assistance. The catch came when residents realized the stadium would claim 22 acres of parkland.

Concerns about increased traffic in an area with high asthma rates followed, and at least $200 million in government funding became necessary for parking structures and to create 28 acres of scattered green spaces to replace Mullaly and Macombs Dam parks.

“Those parks are so widely used in the summertime you can’t find an inch of space to scratch your head, and all of a sudden they wanted to take that away without the community knowing about it,” complained Pasquale Canale, who’s owned the P&D Hero Shop at 161st Street and Sheridan Avenue for 25 years.

Canale is also on Community Board 4, which has rejected the plan in late November. “And still it’s moving so fast,” he said. “This is a project of such magnitude, you have to wonder, why do they rush it so quickly? Because they didn’t want the community to know what’s at stake here.”

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion hoped to make the plan palatable.
“I have always believed that this area deserves to be treated as a year-round destination,” Carrion said, “and as a place that adds value and economic opportunities to the people who live and work here.” He then proposed such additions as a fitness center and a new high school for sports careers. He also announced the Yankees will establish a fund to benefit the community.


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