Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Remember "urban renewal"?

Carrión brings us Old School "urban renewal", the kind Robert Moses gave a bad name. Check out his quote from the recent issue of City Limits (click the title to read it at their page):

“The Bronx will continue to benefit from its robust and growing economy. With the Yankee Stadium neighborhood redevelopment project, the development of the Bronx Terminal Market, the recent opening of the Hunts Point Fish Market, and other new development appearing throughout the borough, New York City has witnessed the resurgence of the Bronx—a resurgence that will become the blueprint for economic growth and urban renewal."

Notice there are NO benefits for those of us who actually LIVE in the Bronx; but if you want to do business here, boy is he your boy!

He really shows us who his true constituency is, doesn't he?


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