Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Planning Commission Hearing

The Yankee Stadium development project has now moved onto the City Planning Commission level and hearings have been scheduled for Wednesday, January 11.

Purpose of hearing:

This public hearing will be both a ULURP public hearing & the public hearing with regards to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). You can submit comments on both the project in general (ULURP review) and the contents of the DEIS. Please note that the time frame for both comment periods is different. The public comment period for the DEIS will close 10 days after the hearing (January 21st) However, comments on the ULURP application will be open until the Planning Commission issues its vote. This could be a minimum of 2 weeks, maybe longer.

Submit comments in writing:

Given the timeframes noted above, we suggest that everybody submit comments to the Commission in writing! The Commission will review all written comments before issuing a decision. The written testimony will be accepted – starting immediately – and going up until the dates noted above. However, you may want to get your comments in early – particularly if you plan to give oral testimony. That way you can reference it when you are called upon to speak and perhaps some of the commissioners will have read it. If you can’t prepare it beforehand, you can also submit your written testimony when you give your oral testimony.

Send your comments to:

City Planning Commission
Calendar Information Office
22 Reade Street – Room 2E
New York, NY 10007

Giving oral testimony:

You will have to register to speak. Speakers will be given 3 minutes – so try to organize what you will say to fit the timeframe. (Again, written testimony can make up for whatever you don’t have time to say). You will be asked to check a box that asks if you are for or against the project. They do this so that they can alternate speakers. However, generally the speakers will go up in the order that the registrations are received.

Please note: Unlike previous ULURP meetings, the commissioners can ask you questions if they need further clarification.


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