Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Field of Schemes reports on last night's "public hearing"

And if by "public" you mean "construction workers", then it was YOUR kind of "public hearing".

Click the title above to read what Neil deMause has to say!


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous ic said...

Statement by Mr. IC Levenberg-Engel, President of B.C.E.Q.
When it comes to Environmental Protection, no Politician is Perfect.
BP Carrion has a better record than most. The NYLCV gives him high grades for his support of increased Public Access to the Waterfront & his Groundbreaking Advocacy of Greenroofing The Bronx.
As a Biol.Teacher at BxScience, I was there when BPC came to the Reservoir and publicly supported our efforts to keep a Filtration Plant out of Jerome Park.
To our dismay (despite the objections of our local assembly & councilmen) the NYS Assembly voted to alienate ____ acres of Van Cortlandt Park for the Water Filtration Plant, in this case for Public Use.
Now that same governmental body has again voted to alienate parkland. Why? Apparently to protect the BottomLine of a Private Commercial Enterprise.
Of course we want Jobs & Economic Development for The Bronx!
Of course we want the Yankees to stay in The Bronx!
Surely an experienced City Planner such as our BxBP can negotiate a better way, right ?

BCEQ believes that BPC is on the wrong side of this issue, i.e. Where to build the New Yankee Stadium.

We are headed down a Scary Slippery Slope of Uncontrolled Park Alienation.

If, as the Village Voice Newspaper intimates, "it's already a done deal ", then BCEQ asks that ... (a watchdog group of citizens be empowered to ensure that)
the Environment of the Local Community is fairly compensated for its loss of Open Space.

A Public Park is not equal to a Parking Lot, even with a Green Roof.


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