Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yankees' only rationale for building new stadium bites the dust

The Yankees' only argument for their land grab is that they are going to invest $800,000,000 in our neighborhood. They swagger into every meeting (all two of them) and bully community residents with their entitlement thinking, spinning their story that since they are spending that kind of money, we should just shut up and play dead.

But what if they aren't *really* spending that kind of money?

What if they only have $200 million--or $300--to spend on the stadium? What if we don't find that out until the bulldozers and chainsaws are brought in and they have started work on this new stadium?

Well, then, the city and/or state will just have to cough the cash up, won't we? Half a billion dollars, anyone?

So if they are bleeding so much red, do they or do they not have the $800 million needed to build a new stadium?


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