Friday, November 25, 2005

NYS Assembly & Carmen Arroyo's minutes on alienating our parks: Part I

Exactly what has Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo been doing at the New York State Assembly this year to help her district? Judging by the sponsorship of her bills, she hasn’t done much. She is the prime-sponsor of only ONE bill: A08932. And what is this Bill # A08932? It’s titled “Leasing of parkland; stadium.” ( That’s right, she is the prime instigator who sponsored the bill that alienated our Macombs Dam and John Mullaly Parks. Imagine being the key sponsor of only one bill and that bill happens to be the one that will wreck havoc on our city and community!

Check out the transcript from the New York State Assembly on June 23, 2005 in regards to bill 8932 that would alienate Macombs Dam and John Mullaly Parks. From page 107 to 110:

MR. DINOWITZ: I’m usually pretty careful when it comes to parkland, and I was reading the bill and I’m having a little trouble figuring out exactly what the City is doing. So, I was hoping you can help me out. How much parkland that’s currently parkland such as Macombs Dam Park, because I see that’s mentioned here, how much parkland will be removed in order to make way for the new ball park.

MRS. ARROYO: Mr. Dinowitz, I think that you and I have the same concerns. For years I have been around this project and my concern always has been to replace the park that we are taking away from the people. The exact land that you are talking about that you want here is 8.92 acres of land. But, we are going to gain, in this concession, we are going to gain because the City is going to develop the waterfront, which is a side, you are familiar with the area because you are from the Bronx that is not in use.

MR. DINOWITZ: Right. In fact, it’s kind of dumpy, right?

MRS. ARROYO: That’s right. But, that is a beautiful site that is going to be developed into parks and facilities for the public. With the other park that probably you don’t know, but the old Yankee Stadium is going to be preserved and the field of the Yankee Stadium, of the Yankee Stadium that we have today, is going to be in use for public services, meaning for the children and the people in the community and for the leagues in the community to play, and in my dream, if you help me, I want to see that covered where our children can play during the winter.

MR. DINOWITZ: Well, maybe we can have our Assembly softball team play there?

MRS. ARROYO: Definitely.

MR. DINOWITZ: So, approximately how many acres of parkland will be newly created between the old Yankee Stadium and the new land you’re talking about them?

MRS. ARROYO: The total amount of land that exists in the area is 27 acres. The Yankee Stadium is going to take 8. The rest is going to be developed into public service. And, of course, there are going to be tennis courts, there are going to be other facilities in this area.

MR.DINOWITZ: So, would it be fair to say that the amount of parkland we end up with is more than the amount of parkland we have now?

MRS. ARROYO: And, better access to the public.

MR. DINOWITZ: And, more parkland?

MR. DINOWITZ: Okay. And, one last question: The old Yankee Stadium which will be open to the public for various uses will those uses be similar to what’s now in Macombs Dam Park? In other words, will the old Yankee Stadium be just as open to the community as Macombs Dam Park currently is?

MRS. ARROYO: Yes, it is the responsibility of the City now, and that will be our job. And, remember that my daughter is a Councilwoman in that area. We are going to work together, as a team, to make sure that the fields of the old Yankee Stadium are repaired and preserved because the other facilities are going to be used for educational purposes. And, that we are going to have a better site for the public to practice. And, remember, I used that park also. I use that track, too. That’s why I have been concerned about that this park is not going to disappear from our community.

As we all know, the Arroyo/Yankee plan steals more than the 8 acres that Arroyo cites. In fact Macombs Dam Park would disappear under the new Steinbrenner Stadium and the four extra garages. She doesn't mention that the replacement parks would be on top of these garages. So very much is omitted. No wonder the rest of the Assembly had no idea they were victims of a con job.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Arroyo’s Minutes where she doesn't know how to answer a simple question.


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I get ill reading this. We elected these idiots!


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