Wednesday, January 11, 2006

01/11/06, WNYC: ¨New Yankee Stadium Opponents and Supporters Clash¨

New Yankee Stadium Opponents and Supporters Clash
WNYC Newsroom

NEW YORK, NY, January 11, 2006 — Chanting 'Build it Now,' supporters of the plan for a new Yankee stadium gathered outside the City Planning Commission, where hearings are taking place. The supporters, many of them construction workers from the Bronx, got into shouting matches with opponents of the plan.

REPORTER: Those against it say the stadium will destroy existing parks and that new parks proposed by the city are poor substitutes. Lukas Herbert, is on Community Board 4, which rejected the proposal.

HERBERT: The new parks are going to be on the roofs of parking structures, or going to be on scraps of land that have been discarded by other projects.

REPORTER: Critics also say the city is providing excessive subsidies to the stadium project, and that the creation of several thousand new parking spaces will add to local traffic congestion.


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Nancy said...

The clash at the hearing also received mention and coverage on WCBS News Radio 880 on Wednesday. A local resident opposing the project and a construction worker in favor of it were both interviewed briefly.


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