Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1/3/6, The Daily News: "Bronx beep playing hardball on new Yankee Stadium plan"

Click the title above to read the whole article, but first pay a little attention to this quote:

'"We can't miss this opportunity to get this right," Carrión said.'

Well, if this passes the City Council (with your help, Adolfo!) and gets built on our parkland in the middle of our residential community, then WE'VE ALREADY GOT IT WRONG!

Also this:

"The centerpiece of Carrión's development plan is conversion of the historic Yankee Stadium into a community ballfield complete with a Yankees Hall of Fame, hotel and convention center, and a High School for Sports Industry Careers across the street from the new Yankee Stadium complex."

How many buildings can you put on replacement parkland until there is no parkland left?!

Finally, this:

'"This is an important step in creating a win-win situation for the host community," said Carrión, himself an urban planner, "which has been on the short end of the deal."'

What a fraud.


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