Sunday, October 08, 2006

"The Yankees: Steinbrenner's Money Machine" BusinessWeek 09/28/98

Pity the greedy and ailing egoistic old man, George Steinbrenner, for feeling “deeply disappointed” for being eliminated so early in the playoffs. This first-round failure is the second season in a row since 2005 when he schemed with the Bronx Gang of Five (Adolfo Carrion, Carmen & Maria Arroyo, Jose & Joel Rivera) to steal 22 acres of scarce public parkland for a publicly-subsidized new stadium that foreshadows the destruction of the House-That-Ruth-Built.

Love of sports? Concern for people’s health? Environment? Fiscal responsibility for taxpayers? No way! Not for Steinbrenner and the Group of Five. For them it’s all about the money. Here’s some history. Click on the title to access this BusinessWeek article.


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