Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bad faith

Read the articles below, from NY1 and the Daily News, and discover that promised interim parkland will not be in place till the summer of '07.

Why haven't the City and the Yankees lifted a finger to provide what they promise in their own documents?

Then ask yourself if they have any intention at all of providing the community with this interim parkland. Monday arrived and entire sports teams of children were locked out into the street without any warning so the props, bleachers, and tents could be set up for the Yankees' lovefest.

Truckloads of mulch were brought in to be spread at the base of the oaks that surround the fancy ground-wrecking ceremony. These same oaks have been neglected for years, even though there has been millions allocated for the care of these trees and parks. Maybe that is why a tree service worked all Monday pruning these same trees.

Oh, yeah. These are the oaks slated for destruction.

It is all a spectacle of bad faith.


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