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SaveOurParks Press Release 07/19/06


Contact: Joyce Hogi (917) 743 0865

Community Calls Foul to Rubber Stamped Rulings

Save Our Parks is outraged but not surprised that within a 24 hour period both the National Park Service and the IRS rubber stamped the approvals needed for the new Yankee Stadium. It took the NPS only two weeks to make a decision, and one of the weeks included July 4th.

It is significant to note that the NPS accepted the assessment by New York State without question, and without reviewing the actual document. In its ruling, the IRS permitted the Yankees to pay off the bonds by making payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOT’s, even though the Yankees don’t pay taxes.

This ruling represents a perversion of the original intent of the PILOT program. This is corporate welfare at its finest, social injustice and environmental racism at its worst. This project represents the destruction of public parkland vital to the health and well being of the surrounding community, the poorest congressional district in the country, also known as “Asthma Alley”.

Save Our Parks, a grassroots community organization, will continue to fight this violation of the public trust in the courts and in the streets. This insensitive and callous land grab concocted by the Yankees and the City of New York represents both class and racial discrimination.

Please join our fight. We need your help both in terms of activism and financial support.

Donations for our legal team can be sent to:

Save Our Parks
PO Box 435
Bronx, NY 10451

Make checks out to our fiscal agent, BCEQ (Bronx Council for Environmental Quality). Please write "Save Our Parks" in the memo.


At 1:17 AM, Anonymous mad bomber said...

I guarantee you that you won't be seeing a penny from me. This is the epitome of classless, anger-ridden, flailing-at-anything tripe that I've expected from people such as yourselves ever since I became aware of this group.

And you're hitting the streets for what? To annoy people who are going about their business? To get attention to yourselves after getting so much back in February and March?

If the community has chipped in together and bought the land then it wouldn't be an issue. But you're the same people who insist that the government should buy up everything and turn it over to you without figuring out how to pay for it. It is expensive and needs maintenence from time to time. Yes, you are getting a park back, even though it won't be in the same location. It's a block away! Yet instead of appreciating what you will be receiving you go off with the bad attitude!

At this point, I don't care anymore. Build it NOW! Build it good!

Yeah! I know you won't put this comment up here because it's not from one of your sycophan...I mean friends. But hey, at least you can't avoid having to come across it! :)

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous SaveOurParks member said...

The community can't buy public parkland...only the Yankees can get it for FREE! Actually, your tax dollars will be used to subsidize this stadium and parking gargages, Mr. Taxpayer! (or do you pay taxes?)

At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mad Bomber
You come to this website and you don't even know the facts....You say the park will be a block away...You are wrong and I don't have the time to explain it....Asroturf fields on top of parking garages is not considered equivalant parkland. Not too many homeowners with an astroturf backyard unless you are the Brady Bunch!
Seriously, you call the members of this group "sycophan" without merit but you call yourself a self proclaimed "Mad Bomber" in a era where terrorism is in the minds of all Americans. A real WINNER!

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous transic said...

<< a era where terrorism is in the minds of all Americans. A real WINNER!>>

Funny you say that. There are people in this city who DON'T think that terrorism is a problem, more than you think! Start asking people in the Upper West Side and the East Village, such as that idiot who was evacuated from Lebanon who started complaining immediately about the speed of the evacuation. Maybe you should tell THEM about why terrorism is a problem.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous NoLandGrab said...

"In its ruling, the IRS permitted the Yankees to pay off the bonds by making payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOT’s, even though the Yankees don’t pay taxes."

Doesn't that make it, "Payments in Lieu of NOT PAYING Taxes?"

More welfare for the richest franchise in sports.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right: George Steinbrenner, Welfare Queen!


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