Saturday, November 05, 2005

DEIS: Traffic concerns; Bicycle access


Draft EIS states:

Although the proposed project is not anticipated to generate a demand for bicycle travel, secure bicycle parking would be provided at one of the new proposed garages.


The project could create a demand for bicycle travel if the Yankees wanted it to. Bicycling in New York City has become enormously popular, particularly as the city has added new bicycle paths to its park system and bicycle lanes to its street system. The City has an aggressive bicycle promotion policy compared to other municipalities. We have organized rides sponsored by the City government. We have advertising encouraging us to ride bikes to reduce pollution. And we have a growing population of cyclists as a result.

The City and the Yankees should encourage this trend by encouraging people to ride their bicycles to Yankees games. Special bike-to-game promotions should be sponsored by the Yankees and the City should add more bicycle facilities in the stadium vicinity. Having secure bicycle parking at the stadium is a good start. However, the parking area should be a supervised and secure area, and not just a couple of racks bolted into the sidewalk.


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