Friday, April 03, 2009

"Yankees, Mets Embalm Baseball at Stadiums Costing $2.3 Billion" Bloomberg 4/3/9

Yankees, Mets Embalm Baseball at Stadiums Costing $2.3 Billion

By James S. Russell

Read the whole review by clicking the title above, but here's a little taste:

"There are even fewer surprises at the new Yankee Stadium, a far haughtier enterprise over in the Bronx that cost a head- spinning $1.5 billion.

"The Yankees have replaced the supermax prison look of its old home with pompously self-regarding limestone, monumental archways, carved eagles, and the team name incised in gold leaf.

"A skylighted open-air Great Hall, bannered with heroes past and present, extends along the main 161st Street side. The peculiar choice of metal mesh as a wall finish suggests imminent arraignment, rather than an afternoon’s leisure."


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