Monday, September 24, 2007

Record attendance at Yankee Stadium--3 years in a row

"The Yankees were 52-29 at Yankee Stadium this season. Only the Los Angeles Angels have won more games at home. The Yankees enjoyed a home-field advantage in more ways than one, finishing the season with a final attendance of 4,271,356, an all-time franchise record, according to the club. It was the team’s third consecutive season with more than 4 million."

Fans vote with their feet, and their wallets. Not just the team is a success, the stadium is one too.

And yet according to the Yankees, they have an "obsolete" stadium and require thousands of shiny new parking spaces, in spite of getting a new Metro North Station.

How have the fans arrived to the stadium lo these many years?

Click the title to read the full article at The New York Times website.


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