Saturday, September 02, 2006

1959 photo of buildings surrounding our soon to be demolished park in BronxBoard website

The Highbridge Indians taking the field at Macombs Dam Park baseball field. This picture was taken in 1959. You can see the Jerome Avenue El in the background and all the huge apartment buildings running along Jerome Avenue.

--Steve Barry, Lawrenceville, Georgia

(BronxBoard) Editor's Note: the structure in the background appears to be the shuttle that connected the IRT 167th Street Station with the 155th Street-Polo Grounds Station in Manhattan. It extended from River Avenue and continued under the apartment buildings on Jerome, Anderson, and Ogden Avenues before crossing the Harlem River. The field in the picture is probably in John Mullaly Park, which was just north of 161st Street, and not Macombs Dam Park, which was directly behind Yankee Stadium and south of 161st Street.

SaveOurParks CORRECTION to above BronxBoard statement:
Actually Macombs Dam Park is located both north and south of 161st Street. The open-lot parking lot that the Yankees use south of 161st is actually parkland and part of the Macombs Dam Park dimensions as per Park Dept maps. The park north of 161st which includes the racing track and several baseball fields is the area that we oppose for the site of any taxpayer-subsidized stadium which would kill almost 400 trees. North of 162nd is the adjacent John Mullaly park.

These areas north of 161st are where most of the residents live unlike the current Yankee Stadium location where there is plenty of space to the south and west to build another stadium. Nowhere else in America are new stadiums being built smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood! This will blight the area and along with the extra garages for 4,500 cars, traffic will be paralyzed on the Major Deegan, Bruckner and local community streets.

We can just imagine all the finger-pointing articles in 2009 if this travesty ever gets built. Hey Carrion and Arroyo, we're talking about you Bronx traitors.


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