Thursday, August 10, 2006

Press Release



Recoiling from a lawsuit by Save Our Parks over plans to build a new Yankee Stadium that would destroy two parks, hundreds of trees and Yankee Stadium itself, the attorney for the New York Yankees recalled a failed play from the past and threatened Judge Rosalyn Richter last week that the team would leave New York if the project is delayed.

"First of all, the Yankees know, as we all do, that they have no where else to go that would give them the kind of economic bonanza including cable deals, marketing of their logo and legacy, and attendance that they reap from being located in the Bronx," said Joyce Hogi. "Second, this is a pathetic legal argument from the richest franchise in sports. And the reason they're making it rather than address valid objections to their plan, is they think they can keep bullying everyone in sight. This is what they've done to get their project to this point, rather than have it properly evaluated on its merits."

Meanwhile the two sides will be in court for arguments before New York Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn on today, August 10 at 2 pm in 60 Centre Street, in Manhattan.

Save Our Parks is asking for a Temporary Restraining Order since the Yankees have announced the Ground Breaking Ceremony on August 16. Save Our Parks argue that the decision was made hastily without adequate public review, and did not examine all the alternatives or made assumptions that were just ridiculous. While other teams use off-site facilities for training and other back-of-the-house functions, the Yankees argue they need a new state of the art facility because there is only one weight room, which must be shared by both the Yankees and visiting teams.

"In the past when the Yankees threatened that they would leave New York," said J.J. Brennan of Save Our Parks, "they ultimately would conclude that the Bronx is the only place for them to be. That's why they need to come to the table with plans for a stadium that doesn't illegally take parkland, destroy trees, (etc)."


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