Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wishy-washy Joshua Laird

It looks like Joshua Laird is willing to change his theories on parking depending on the project that he is pushing. The South Bronx is told, "don't worry - parking built in your parkland won't cause more traffic." But look what he said to this crowd in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. You can find the full article by clicking the title.

"That brought them to the very important, but heretofore unmentioned issue of parking. In the blown-up photographs provided by Walcavage and her staff - featuring the familiar fluorescent green rim superimposed along the land's edge - there was no indication of where any parking lots would be built. The audience member implied that it was a reasonably safe bet that boaters would be driving out to Brooklyn. "One thing about the boating population: If you can afford to have a boat on the East River...," he said, trailing off.

"Laird, who also serves as the assistant of Natural Resources for the Parks Department, agreed with him. However, he said that not advertising parking might be better for keeping traffic in the surrounding community down. "There are two schools of thought on [this]," he said. "We can either build parking, or we can say 'This is New York. People have a way of getting where they need to go.' If we put in parking, we're sending a message: 'Drive on down here. We have parking'."


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