Monday, March 13, 2006

6/20: Fifteen Minutes of Shame

In order for the State Legislature to act on city property, it was
necessary for the City of New York to lift its "home rule" over Macomb's Dam and John Mullaly Parks. On June 20, 2005, only 5 days after the project was announced, the City Council did this with Item #SLR118.

The City Council voted on SLR118 along with other unrelated items in
one package vote. In fifteen minutes 4:20-4:35 PM--the time to go through a roll call vote-- home rule over the 2 parks was lifted enabling the State to exempt them from the Public Lot Doctrine.

48 City Councilpeople voted. 47 for, none against and Letitia James of Brooklyn abstained. Not one spoke against the idea of taking away 2 community parks for private development for private gain. Not one spoke that this was being done completely without the knowledge of the community!


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