Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Questions submitted to the blog

A reader sent in the following questions last night in reference to the Housing and Land Use Committee of Community Board 4 rejecting the proposed Yankee Stadium Plan. They were good questions. The answers follow.

1. Is this resolution one that was proposed or based on ideas promoted by Save Our Parks!?

No. Yes. Maybe. As you may have noticed, we have been agitating for a while over this plan. Who knows what affect we have had on members of Community Board 4? And yes, members of Save Our Parks were able to contribute to the wording of the resolution. And at least one member was able to vote on the resolution, as he was invited last night to join the committee. But we have to think that because this plan is so awful for the community that it would never have passed. Would it have passed without the work of Save Our Parks? We'll never know.

2. Will there be an alternative proposal for Yankee Stadium to be considered by the board?

Not until the Yankees come up with one. The Housing and Land Use Committee of CB4 refused this plan. They were only offered the one. It is not for them to tell the Yankees what to do, but to listen to what the Yankees want to do and then judge the plan the Yankees come up with on its own merits.

3. Will the general meeting on the 22nd go ahead as scheduled?

Yes. On the 22nd there will be a vote on the plan by the full community board. And don't forget the Town Hall Meeting on November 17 where the Yankees will finally have to show up (they have already skipped at least two meetings when they were scheduled to appear, once because of "rain") and finally present their plan to the community. Keep in mind that according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Yankees and corresponding city agencies last spring, the Yankees are required to hold frequent meetings with the community. Well, this is the first one.

4. Could this still be considered by the Borough President regardless of what happens now?

Yes. He could approve the plan even if the full community board rejected it. But that wouldn't be politically savvy, would it? So, of course, Community Board 4 members can expect to start feeling pressure. If they haven't already.


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