Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DEIS: Project description; Consistency with local plans


Draft EIS states:

The proposed project would also be consistent with the Bronx Borough President’s new Bronx Waterfront Plan and Yankee Stadium Neighborhood Development Plan, as it would provide publicly accessible waterfront recreational space, and provide a new stadium and publicly accessible fields on the existing stadium, thereby achieving several of the plans’ goals.


The above statement notes that the proposed project is consistent with several of the plans’ goals. However, the word several does not mean all or most. A project that incorporates only some elements of a politically endorsed plan, may not embody the true intention of that plan…and may actually be worse than completely disregarding the plan depending on what is proposed.

The project as proposed will harm the local community (as is noted in subsequent sections of this analysis). It should not be praised as conforming to any locally initiated plans.


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