Saturday, October 22, 2005

What would be done with the real Yankee Stadium?

This quote comes from an article featured on the official Yankee website:

"Several players were happy to hear that the current Yankee Stadium would be converted into a sort of baseball museum, with the facade and playing field to be preserved. Such a gesture, the Yankees felt, will give the sport's most hallowed cathedral the respect it deserves."

So in renderings, the old Yankee Stadium is shown completely dismantled and the field itself opened as park space. But the Yankees themselves assert that they would preserve the facade and open a museum. Which is it going to be?

And if the stadium is worth preserving as a themepark, it's worth preserving as a living, though renovated, BALLpark.

Please take just a few moments to focus on these words: "the sport's most hallowed cathedral."

Thank you.

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